About the Brand


The road to creating my label is unusual, but I love the path that has brought me here. I was born and raised in the beautiful city of Lyon, France. And I have called the  exciting city of New York home for over 15 years. I first came to the US to pursue graduate studies in History and after completing my Ph.D., I embarked on a career in  education. To this day, I am still in love with teaching.
I started designing and making clothes while in graduate school out of a passion for creating. I also loved experiencing  another facet of the city: I relished exploring New York's Garment District to find amazing fabrics and trims. I could not resist a luxurious three-ply silk or a dreamy printed  georgette. More often than not, it was the material that inspired me to transform it into this or that piece. Little by little, the idea to create my own label germinated as people  responded to the clothes I made, and as I realized that creating garments was an important mode of expression for me. So this adventure is all about passion and self-realization, and sharing my love for the way beautiful fabrics and well-crafted clothes make you feel.



My aim is to design elegant clothes, classics whose DNA is rooted in the past but anchored in the present. Styles like the wrap, the sheath, the wide-leg pant have always spoken to me because they all have strong histories and identities, and I could imagine them reinterpreted for today. To me, that means achieving a balance between geometry and fluidity, between strength and grace.

The fashion of the 1930s, 1940s and 1970s particularly resonate with me for their blend of feminine strength and elegance. Icons such as Katharine Hepburn, Lauren Bacall or Faye Dunaway suffused femininity with a strong dose of power and confidence. They embodied a less-is-more conception of both style and sexiness, favoring clothes with clean lines and elongated silhouettes, and an interplay between structure and softness in the way they styled outfits.

While design esthetic is pivotal, I am always driven by the fact that clothes invoke two senses: they are meant to be both seen and felt. When I decide on fit and choose fabrics, I never forget about the person who will be wearing my garments. And so, I strive to create pieces with a definite graphic quality, but which also feel amazing against the skin and move with the body.



My line is about the love of beautiful, well-made things. That means selecting fine fabrics and insisting on meticulous finishings. I only work with natural fibers not only because they look great, but also because they are renewable materials and have wonderful properties. This is also a proud to be "made in NYC" label and the collection is entirely made in New York City's Garment District. Even the hangtags are letter-pressed here!

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              In my New York neighborhood