Artist Collaboration

Fashion as Art / Art as Fashion

My print collection was created in collaboration with French artist Jacques Barry, whose work has been shown internationally. Whether sculpture or painting, monumental or small-scale, Jacques' work embodies a lightness in looking at the world. He often draws close-ups of objects, animals or individuals in situations that are simple and familiar, yet convey a sense of mystery, of magic even. Above all, Jacques' pieces are always characterized by a sense of humor and a knack for embracing the absurd …

Jacques is an iconoclast and believes that art belongs not just on the canvas or pedestal, but also on "living" everyday objects. When we first met, he was enthusiastic about the idea of his drawings being used to create prints for my clothes and he gave me carte blanche. This is quite a subversive act for an artist, but it is completely representative of Jacques' spirit: lighthearted, open to the world, and thoroughly generous.


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