Made in NYC

The value of community

When I decided to create my clothing line it was obvious that it had to be a “Made in New York” label.

As a start-up based in New York City and with small production goals, it just made more sense to manufacture locally. Despite the economic hardships the garment industry has faced since the 1990s, New York city teems with sewing factories, fabric printers and myriads suppliers. The ability to meet face to face with contractors has been a wonderful human experience. It allows me to save time and minimize stress by being able to see and discuss prototypes as soon as they were ready, and to go through multiple iterations until the product is exactly what I want.

Of course, sourcing and production costs in New York are comparatively high, which is only normal. However the ability to reach customers directly online makes it possible to sell at reasonable prices. But we are not talking about fast-fashion: these are fine clothes, crafted with luxurious fabrics and proudly made in New York.

This company would not be able to exist without the city's diverse and dynamic garment industry. Altogether, I work with about a half-dozen local businesses to produce this line, and I have developed long-term relationships with passionate and talented people. It is something truly special to be part of this amazing community.

Click here to read about why producing in NYC is also an ethical choice about labor and the environment. 


Our scarves are finished by hand in the Garment District